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Help, what if the first visitor is willing to pay me the asking price directly?

Will it continue to be necessary to be among the first and to put down the asking price rightaway in order to obtain a house? And what do you do as a vendor in such a case, apart from wondering if your asking price wasn’t set too low?

Book ‘n bid to the rescue…

A platform easing your booking and bidding concerns!

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You can even create a book ‘n bidpage without having to pay! Only when your first potential buyer comes knocking here, we will ask you to settle your bill!

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Discover how book ‘n bid can support you in finding your dream house.

Book ’n bid is an online platform to schedule appointments and receive bids so it will help you during the two most difficult stages in your selling or purchase adventure:  the planning of numerous visits and the negotiations. And this for both vendors as well as potential buyers.

The platform is simple, transparant and straightforward: it is setup in accordance with the legal framework of non-binding offers under sealed envelop.

I came across a QR code of book ‘n bid, what now?

Encounter a QR code  and not entiterly sure what to do next? In our frequently asked questions, you will find the answers. Or just enter the corresponding ID-number next to here, we will guide you straight to the property that attracted your attention.

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Would you like to schedule a visit to a property or put in a bid? Please enter the ID number mentioned at the bottom of the code, we will guide you straight to the corresponding book ‘n bid page. Easy peasy!


Ik wil mijn huis verkopen…
Waar moet ik op letten?

Je staat op het punt om je huis te verkopen. Zo’n grote beslissing maken de meeste mensen niet vaak in hun leven…

Wat bedoelen verkopers met
“bieden onder gesloten omslag?”

“Bieden onder gesloten omslag”, “openbare verkoop”, … Huizenjagers krijgen heel wat termen om de oren…

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