An overview of our pricing model to allow you to start selling quickly! If you are a professional and would like a different offer, please contact office@booknbid.be without further ado !

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€ 975,00
Use of booking and bidding platform

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    Calendar and bidding management for 1 property. Get your link to your personal book’n bidpage in a few clicks!

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Potential buyer

One time registration fee

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    Starting 11/22, vendors can select to only allow interested buyers to participate. If you are new to the platform, paying € 50 will prove this. The amount can be traded in for a countervalue of minimal €100!
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Real Estate Agent

Basic offer

Buy 5 credits, 1 free!

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    Calendar and bidding management for 6 properties. Agendas will be combined to ensure a clear overview! Personal conditions upon request.


Prepare your personal book’nbidpage for your property in just a few clicks!